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Bosom Buddy Bags Retail

Handbags as extraordinary as the women who carry them

about BBB


It all began in 2003 when Andrea thought how much fun it would be to adorn a basic straw bag with one of her trademark floral designs.. long time friend Karin came into the studio, got inspired and promptly covered every bag in sight with stunning and unique trims, buttons and ribbons.. the rest is history!

Bosom Buddy Bags recently moved to a large facility in the historic Clipper Mill area of Baltimore. It allows us to stock, produce and ship under one roof.  We are female owned, operated and staffed. Our fabulous team personally oversees each aspect of producing your bags, from designing, to hand adorning, to shipping.

Karin Chriss is a nationally recognized, award-winning interior designer with a passion for antiques and an unparalleled reputation for finding and collecting unique and tastefully whimsical accessories.

Andrea Stieff is a floral designer and special event decorator specializing in weddings and magazine styling.  She is recognized for her exquisite color sense and attention to detail.

Lizzie Leonard, a Syracuse grad, runs the day to day operations of BBB and keeps everyone and everything on track.

Natty and Buddy provide snuggles and comic relief. 

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