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Bosom Buddy Bags Retail

Handbags as extraordinary as the women who carry them

Custom Baby HBB

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Create a Bag

Bosom Buddy Bags offers you the flexibility to create a bag to your specifications. We have selected the ribbons and adornments that work best with each bag shape. Please view the ribbon and motif options to make your selections

HBB High Baby Bali

A petite bag that’s perfect for all your summer soirees.

Dress it up or keep it tailored with hundreds of options to make yours unique.


  • 5.5Wx 5H (including lid) x 3D

HBB Bow Simple Motif (Custom)

Our Price $110.00

HBB Custom Monogram

Our Price $120.00

HBB Bow Shell (Custom)

Our Price $110.00

HBB 4 Loops Bow Gardenia (Custom)

Our Price $110.00

HBB Bow Round Dangle (Custom)

Our Price $110.00

HBB Flat Tort Buckle (Custom)

Our Price $110.00

HBB Flat Round (Custom)

Our Price $110.00

HBB Flat Cabochon (Custom)

Our Price $110.00

HBB Flat Oval (Custom)

Our Price $110.00

HBB Leather Layer Snaffle (Custom)

Our Price $115.00

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