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Custom Canteen


CAN Bali Canteen

A fun new addition to our lineup. A fresh take on style with bold gold-plated motifs. Summer’s go-to bag to wear with everything. Add an additional color tassel to any canteen to change up your look.


  • 7”round x 3”Deep
  • 54” leather strap


  • Hand woven Ata Grass
  • genuine leather strap
  • Lining: Hand loomed Cinnamon cotton 
  • 14 karat gold plated xl adornment


  • Gusseted lining to keep your possessions from spilling out.
  • True crossbody style
  • lid with  tab closure 

Canteen-Tassel (Custom)

Our Price $165.00

Canteen-Tassel Monogram Clip

Our Price $175.00

Canteen (Custom)

Our Price $165.00

Canteen-Gilded Round & Tassel (Custom)

Our Price $185.00

Canteen-Gilded Round (Custom)

Our Price $165.00

Canteen-XL Motif & Tassel (Custom)

Our Price $185.00

Horse Hair Tassel Clip-on

Our Price $22.00

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